Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here!

June 02, 2021

Sea turtle nesting season, which begins in March and ends in October, is when sea turtles lay their eggs. Sea turtles lay their eggs on sandy beaches or low, sandy dunes. In Florida, we are surrounded by beaches that sea turtles use to nest. To help give the sea turtles an easy nesting season, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1- Keep beaches clear.

When you are wrapping up your beach day, make sure you grab all of your trash and belongings, including any beach chairs or furniture. Not only does this aid in keeping our beaches clean for the next person, it also helps the sea turtles. Sea turtles could get stuck in furniture and could possibly end up eating the trash while on shore.

2- Fill in holes on the beach.

Did you try to test out that children’s metaphor “digging a hole to China” in the sand? Before you head out, make sure to fill in the hole, as sea turtles could become trapped in the hole.

3- Do not disturb the sea turtles.

Taking a late night beach walk and see a momma sea turtle? Do not approach it. When you are observing it, make sure that you are standing a good ways away, that way you do not scare off the sea turtles. Sea turtles like to be alone while nesting, so approaching her might make her go back into the ocean prematurely. While it might be nice to snap a photo or turn on your flashlight to see her better, it is better for the sea turtle to lay her eggs in peace.

4- Keep the beaches dark.

In order for sea turtles to come onto shore and nest, beaches need to be dark. This means turning off any lights on the beaches. If you live on beach front property, make sure to close your blinds or curtains after the sun goes down. If you do need to use a flashlight, there’s a way that you can make it safe for sea turtles. Buy turtle friendly flashlight stickers and use them to filter the light or

Whether you are a tourist on vacation or a native Floridian, you can all do your part to help sea turtles during nesting season. Use your best judgement when it comes to nature, as you never know what might be going on. For more rules and tips, you can go to Visit Florida’s article about sea turtle nesting. Their article lists do’s and don’ts when it comes to sea turtle nesting.

For more information visit the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conversation Center and South Walton Turtle Watch.