Rain, Romance, and Double Rainbows: A Magical Beach Wedding in Ft. Walton

June 12, 2023

No one wants rain on their wedding day, especially when planning a beach wedding without a pavilion for shelter. However, sometimes rain can bring unexpected blessings. It clears out the beach, creating an intimate and secluded atmosphere. And if luck is on your side, rain showers bring a colorful surprise in the form of a rainbow. In this blog post, we will explore the enchantment of rain on a beach wedding day, from the beauty of rainbows to the intimate moments it creates - while sharing photos from a recent Ft Walton destination wedding that was just that lucky!

Most of us remember the basic science behind rainbows: when light meets a water droplet, it is refracted, dispersed into the seven colors, and reflected back to our eyes. Atmospheric moisture is the key ingredient for creating a rainbow, making it an enchanting sight. Understanding the science behind rainbows adds to their wonder, as we appreciate the magic of nature's artistry.

If you're planning a beach wedding, it's important to remember that rain often passes quickly, especially in locations like Florida where weather changes on a dime. Rain showers can cool down the temperature, relieve humidity, and make the air more pleasant. It is during these passing showers that nature surprises us, and rainbows may grace your special day, adding whimsy and awe-inspiring beauty to your beach wedding memories.

One of the unexpected benefits of rain on a beach wedding day is the way it clears out the beach. What was once crowded with tourists and beach towels becomes an intimate and secluded haven for you and your loved ones. The rain brings a sense of exclusivity, allowing you to have a private celebration surrounded by the sounds of crashing waves and the gentle patter of raindrops.

Every once in a while, a beach wedding receives an extraordinary gift from nature—a double rainbow. While rainbows are a sight to behold on their own, a double rainbow stretching across the beach is an awe-inspiring and rare phenomenon. The vivid colors arcing across the sky symbolize hope, luck, and the promise of a beautiful future for the newlywed couple. It's a magical moment that will be forever etched in their memories.

When rain graces your beach wedding day, it's crucial to embrace the unexpected and appreciate the beauty it brings. When choosing a photographer, inquire about their rain plan or how they handle less than perfect weather. A skilled photographer will be prepared to capture your love, even in the rain. They can create stunning images that reflect the raw emotions and unique atmosphere of your special day.

While rain on a beach wedding day may initially seem unwelcome, it often carries unexpected blessings. The temporary showers can clear the beach, providing an intimate setting, and if you're lucky, a breathtaking rainbow or even a double rainbow may appear. So, as you plan your beach wedding, remember that your weather forcast isn't set in stone - and rain on the horizon may not be for more than a few fleeting moments. 

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