Hurricane Sally's Approach

October 06, 2020

If you live on the Gulf Coast - hurricanes come with the territory.  We all watch the cone of uncertainty, go through our checklists, and brace ourselves for the 'after'. 

As Hurricane Sally made a slow approach across the region, the skies turned gray - and this lucky couple had a spectacular storm shelf cloud for a photo backdrop.

It didn't rain as much as the image might otherwise suggest, thankfully.  Especially since the couple had a reception planned under the pavilion at Navarre's Marine Park. 

How are the colors so vivid? It's thanks to the use of off-camera flash!  We love utilizing fill light to ensure all our clients look their best and maintain the vibrant skies that the Emerald Coast is known for. 

Cloud Shelf Wedding PhotographyCloud Shelf Wedding PhotographyCloud Shelf Wedding Photography taken at Navarre